Farm employment in Wisconsin

For the year 2017, the total number of farm employees in Wisconsin (including crop, horticulture, and livestock farms) was just above 24,000. This estimate comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) which gathers data on all employees covered by state unemployment insurance(UI)1. In comparison, only 16,507 farm employee were reported in 2007. This represents […]

Labor savings from adopting automated milking systems

When considering major changes in production technology such as the adoption of automated milking systems (AMS), identifying and quantifying the main costs and benefits is a crucial part of the planning process. Most dairy producers expect some labor savings from AMS adoption, and for some it might be the main motivation. But exactly how much […]

Interview tips to help you find top talent

Like any business, farms depend on good employees for things to run smoothly. When you have a vacancy on your team, structure your interviews so that you can hire the best available employee. Make sure you prepare for interviews in advance, and allow yourself enough time to consider each individual carefully.

Writing effective job descriptions

Job descriptions add clarity to farm tasks and procedures, helping to avoid confusion and potential disagreements about the work at hand, and delineating who is responsible for those tasks. This can also improve working relationships and keep things running smoothly for all employees, including family members working on the farm.

Managing employee conflict

Farm managers across Wisconsin have a lot on their plates when it comes to human resource management, and the last thing they may want to deal with is employees who are not getting along. However, avoiding the issue and, hoping it will go away could make it worse rather than dealing with the matter quickly. […]

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