Farm Pulse

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Taking the Pulse of Your Farm Business

Farm Pulse Continuum is a new program for farmers interested in learning how to use farm financials to explore their farm business decisions. The Farm Pulse Program provides the framework for informed decision-making for the farm manager.

Introductory workshops will be held annually with County Extension Educators around the state to build awareness of ‘Why Financial Management’. Farmers make many decisions about investments, the use of equity and debt and how much financial risk to take. Farmers can enroll in the full Farm Pulse Program to evaluate their finances and take the pulse of their business and goals for the future.

Overview of Extension’s Farm Pulse Program

Pulse Level 1: Introduction to Financial Management, understanding and analysis of farm financial statements.

  • Introduction to the Financial Model
  • The Farm Business Balance Sheet
  • The Schedule F, Income Statement
  • Financial Analysis using the Balance Sheet and Income Statement ratios
  • Cash flow Statement and Budgeting

Pulse Level II: Building a Vision Strategic Management for Farm Businesses

  • Introduction to strategic business planning and implementation
  • Business planning and contingency planning
  • Financial analysis, with farm records and financial statements



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