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Custom rates

WI Custom Rate Guide 2017
The Custom Rate Guide is a summary from a mail survey which collected rates paid by Wisconsin farmers who hired custom work, custom operators and farmers who performed custom work, and machinery dealers who rented out equipment for field operations including manure services, tillage, planting, fertilizer & chemical application, harvest operations, and machinery rental.

Agricultural leasing

Ag Lease 101 Website
Factsheets and example contracts help landowners and operators learn about lease arrangements and includes sample written lease arrangements for several alternatives.

Land rental values

Non-irrigated cropland rent averaged $137.00 per acre in Wisconsin during 2019, an increase of $4.00 from 2017 according to the latest report released by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Cash rent paid for pasture in Wisconsin averaged $40.00 per acre in 2019, unchanged from 2017.

Rock County had the highest published average cash rent for non-irrigated cropland, at $217.00 per acre, followed by Lafayette County, at $215.00 per acre. Grant, Green and Columbia rounded out the top 5.

The highest published pasture cash rent was $68.50 per acre in Lafayette County. Calumet followed at $62.50 per acre with Columbia and Waupaca both at $57.00 per acre.

Full Report: Land Rental Values by County, WI Agriculture Statistics Services

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